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2019 Year
In April, I successfully applied for the online registered trademark "Chen lei".
2018 Year
Capital increase to $109 million in January.
Obtained the "product certification certificate" in September.
In November, it was awarded "high-tech enterprise".
2017 Year
In January, I successfully applied for ten "utility model patents".
The import and export trade license was obtained in February.
2016 Year
In march, I settled in the office building of hongxing wealth center.
November through the environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification.
In December, it was awarded as "enterprise above scale".
2015 Year
In July Successfully declared the entity registered trademark "Chen lei".
2013 Year
In march, invested 60 million yuan to establish yunnan Chen lei building materials co., LTD., and established "Chen lei" independent research and development brand, entering the stage of high-speed and healthy development of the enterprise.
October through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, CCC mandatory product certification.
In December, it passed the CRCC certification of the ministry of railways, becoming the first concrete admixture manufacturer in the history of concrete admixture production in yunnan province that passed the CRCC certification of the ministry of railways.
2005 Year
Chen lei team into the concrete admixture industry, in the railway, highway, hydropower, national defense and other construction market has achieved good results, won praise in the industry.
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Yunnan chenlei building materials co. LTD
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