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Yunnan chenlei building materials co., LTD., established in March 2013, with a registered capital of 100.9 million yuan, is an enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales, technical service and import and export of high performance concrete admixtures. Yunnan province is the first through China railway products CRCC certification of science and technology innovative concrete admixture enterprises.
       In addition, the company has been awarded as a high-tech enterprise in yunnan province in 2018, with 10 new patents, and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, China national mandatory product certification and many other certification. There are more than 138 employees, including 10 senior engineers and 22 technicians. The enterprise has established the perfect system management system, realized the automation, the informationization, the modernized management. And has a complete office, production, research and development, living conditions, plant green rate reached 40%, beautiful environment. Production actively respond to a nation of low carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction of industrial policy, production line are all full automatic operation and efficient environmental protection configuration, an annual output of 100000 tons of series products of poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent, naphthalene series water reducing agent products 30000 tons, 50000 tons of anchoring agent, powder accelerating agent, and other products, to realize the high efficiency and energy saving of pollution-free green production, in places such as yunnan, hubei, xinjiang and Tibet have a production base.
       Over the past decade, our team has served dozens of projects in railway, highway, hydropower, civil aviation and other industries. It has established good strategic cooperative relations with China railway construction, China railway construction, China communications, sinohydro, gezhouba group and other units, and has made due contributions to the national infrastructure construction in southwest China.
       Enterprise product quality and after-sales service by the majority of users praise and trust. The key projects are hydropower: jinping power station, wulong power station, lidi power station, huangdeng power station, wudongde power station, baihetan power station, weisan hekou power station, bazhong hongyudong power station, etc. Hydropower exports: Laos southern Europe river hydropower station, Laos nangong 1 hydropower station; Railway: broad railway, guangzhou-kunming railway, yongguang railway, lixiang railway, darui-rui railway, shanghai-kunming railway, yunnan-guangxi railway, chenggue-guizhou railway, chenglan-chengdu railway, beijing-zhangzhou railway, chengdu-kunming railway, geku railway, guangzhou baiyun airport, yumo railway, china-laos railway, zheng-wan railway, etc.; Highway: kunming ring expressway, zhaoma expressway, yuchu expressway, xunzhan expressway, kunchu expressway, tongrong expressway and a series of large projects have been built or under construction.

Honesty creates trust, responsibility creates dreams, and vision creates the future. This is the core of Chen lei enterprise culture, Chen lei people will use the actual action to practice it!

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Yunnan chenlei building materials co. LTD
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